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To accompany you on your web projects, are you looking for JavaScript skills and especially JQuery?

Entrust UNE® with the task of introducing you to candidates with solid and experienced knowledge. Among them, no doubt you will find that JS developer whose profile and application will meet your job offer in every way.

The JQuery developer's mission is to realize user interfaces on web projects or mobile applications. As a full-stack or front-end developer, he masters the jQuery JavaScript library, accompanying in his baggage all the developer's web tools and front-office programming, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap... Using jQuery technology allows him to free himself from the versions of JS code during the development of sites, and in particular to easily handle the DOM, to easily manage Ajax and events, but also to simplify the creation of animations. 

To find a job as a full-stack or front-end developer, the jQuery developer must be able to justify a computer training.

He has acquired the basic technology HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery. By continuing his curriculum, he may have expanded a technical range allowing him to cover all or part of the development chain of a website or web app.

It combines the ability to work within a technophile team in an Agile environment under the aegis of a project manager. He is rigorous, passionate, detail-oriented and attentive to ensuring that his code works on all browsers. In an ever-changing web world, he seeks to evolve synchronously through his technology watch. 

Is it easy to find a serious application, ultra-satisfying profiles, both in terms of technical skills on Javascript as well as training and experience? The answer is no, but UNE® is there to pave the way for you. Our pool of candidates will prove it to you: the expertise of digital recruitment in French-speaking Switzerland has a name, UNE®.

Why recruit a jQuery Developer?

The jQuery developer intervenes throughout his career on several missions that are all very different, from the website to the enterprise application. In fact, his missions are varied and rarely repetitive from one project to another.

According to the specifications entrusted to him, he examines them and finds the appropriate solution to best meet all the requests of the client, users and also his collaborators. In fact, he is a meticulous and versatile professional who is very important for companies (especially those working in the digital field). Indeed, he contributes to the company's turnover. 

What is the profile of a jQuery Developer?

To become a jQuery developer, it is important to follow a university course in an engineering or computer science school, or even a university. This is an essential basis to learn all the specificities of web programming. However, to become a true expert, you need a few years of experience in the field (there is nothing better to learn than the field!).

The jQuery Developer must also keep his knowledge up to date by following specific training courses and by acquiring professional certifications congruent for his profession. English is also a very essential knowledge for his profile.

What are the qualities of a jQuery Developer?

First of all, a jQuery Developer must have a solid competence in computer programming languages such as jQuery of course, AJAX, .NET Language, ASP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, 4 PHP, PHP 5 XHTML. In addition, he must also be able to master certain operational tools such as CMS (Content Management System), code editing tools, and also framework tools.

Apart from technical skills, the jQuery developer can be brought to work with teams of the web, so he must be equipped with a force proposals, a capacity of listening, communication, organization with a pronounced taste for team spirit.

What is the role of a jQuery Developer?

The jQuery Developer is a professional in the IT field. He evaluates the needs of the customer, the user, the client and sets up the functional specifications (specifications, deadlines, costs...). His main tasks consist in removing, adding or modifying HTML elements within your page thanks to the jQuery programming language. Afterwards, he can also modify the styles of the elements of your page by changing the CSS associated with them. He can also animate the elements of your page. In short, it can provide and create a host of functionality while also studying the problems in order to provide appropriate solutions.



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