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A job as a Joomla developer is available in your company, and you wish to hire the specialist who will make your team progress, both technically and humanly?

UNE® has an expertise on this type of profiles and a large panel of CVs of Swiss and European candidates that will allow you to find the application that matches your criteria.

The Joomla developer is a specialist in the creation of websites under the open source content management system (CMS) Joomla. He develops sites of different types, modular, scalable and responsive. The development of graphic themes and specific extensions are part of his missions. He knows how to perfect each module in order to customize the site according to the specifications. He can work independently or participate in the project in collaboration with a UX/UI designer and a content manager under the direction of an internet project manager. From site design to online deployment, he intervenes at the heart of the website creation process. 

He possesses in his technical background all the basics of web development, HTML, CSS, JS Scripting, PHP programming and handles MySQL without any worries. Without being a pure web designer, he possesses solid notions of ergonomics and design and knows all the importance of mobile/tablet display and cross-browser compatibility. As an internet culture enthusiast, he knows what technology watch means.

The Joomla developer can be a graduate of a computer science or engineering school. As there is no training purely dedicated to this CMS, he has followed a training ensuring him the imperative mastery of PHP and web development tools in general. 

Finding a good Joomla programmer seems to you today to be an obstacle course? UNE® has a pool of expert Joomla developers who have been tested and have proven to have a solid practical development experience on this CMS. Become our partner and effortlessly recruit that rare web developer you miss so much! 

Why recruit a Joomla developer?

A Joomla developer is a self-taught professional in his field. He interacts with many people and his missions are varied and diverse. For example, he may be asked to provide technical solutions already existing in the company or to work with a team of Developers depending on the importance and size of the project he is about to work on. In some cases, he may collaborate with front end, Mobile Developers,...

Thus, it is a versatile professional who helps to solve possible technical problems and contributes to the development and growth of the company. 

What is the profile of a Joomla developer?

A Joomla developer must above all come from a web development background. For this, a computer training is required. In addition, he can complete his training by following more in-depth courses at an engineering school or university, or even a graduate course specializing in a specific field. 

Given the technological evolution in his profession, he must always stay informed about the latest trends to keep his skill levels up to date. Curiosity and rigor are therefore qualities that are in high demand and essential to his profile.

What are the qualities of a Joomla developer?

First of all, a Joomla developer must have a solid knowledge of PHP and MySQL and also other languages such as Linux, Mac, Apache, Window in order to realize the design of the site. He must also have a perfect mastery of the tools necessary for programming: CMS [Content Management System], code editor 

In addition to technical skills, the Joomla developer has to work with many people on the web, so he must have a sense of listening, organization, methodology and adaptability. Autonomy is also one of the qualities he must have.

What is the role of a Joomla developer?

A Joomla developer is a technical position. He must above all master the technical areas related to his job such as the development of professional quality sites. In fact, his role is to design and update websites and multimedia applications dynamically using the Joomla system. He has to take care of all aspects of the site such as photos, content, videos, documents, etc., so that everything is ready for use through a simple and inspired web interface opening content management to anyone who is not a computer and web enthusiast.



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