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Are you looking for an outstanding HTML5/CSS3 developer for a challenging assignment?

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The job of HTML5/CSS3 developer consists in working on projects of realization of responsive web site or web applications. He is in charge of carrying out the technical formatting of the models, to play the role of integrator. Under the orders of a web project manager, he collaborates with the back-end developer, other front-end developers, designers, and SEO specialists, among others. If his main mission is development, he may be involved in design as well as browser interactions via JavaScript or server interactions with PHP. 

This job requires having HTML and CSS markup languages at your fingertips, and being familiar with JavaScript and PHP. Knowledge of design software such as Photoshop or Illustrator is not to be neglected. Equipped with a flawless methodology, he must effectively bring to life web page mock-ups. He must also master the rules of responsive design to ensure the perfect display of pages on mobiles and tablets. In addition, ensuring consistency of rendering regardless of the browser is also part of his duties.

As a member of a team with varied talents, he or she must enjoy working with others while being able to demonstrate autonomy and decision-making, be rigorous and reactive. In addition, in a web world with lightning developments, technology watch must be second nature to him.

How do you recruit the HTML5/CSS3 developer or web integrator you need? If this type of profile can be difficult to find when a serious level of skills is required, UNE® makes your search easier by providing you with a large panel of candidates with high level training, from Switzerland as well as from Europe.

Why recruit an HTML5 CSS3 Developer?

In general, HTML5 CSS3 developers are curious, innovative, and rigorous people! Curiosity is important in order to be always informed of the constant technological evolutions: staying informed through a rigorous technology watch is a key point of the profession. Creativity is also a key skill essential for the profession: the HTML5 CSS3 developer must have a perfect mastery of the formatting of the site's content that complies with the requested specifications.

Finally, rigor is required in order to manage the various particularities of the site's content completely perfectly and to set up sites that are accessible, regardless of the devices used.

What is the profile of an HTML5 CSS3 Developer?

Several training courses allow you to start a job as an HTML5 CSS3 developer and to quickly find an open-ended contract after your studies.

An initial training in computer science is no longer necessary to become an HTML5 CSS3 developer. The most classic course is a computer science training accompanied by a graduate training in engineering school, university, or computer science.

But in recent years, there are several training courses that have been created via the web and new ways to get started. 

At the human level, the HTML5 CSS3 developer is in close collaboration with other web professionals. Thus, he must be organized, sociable and proactive. The knowledge of the language in English is also a must for this professional. 

What are the qualities of an HTML5 CSS3 Developer?

The HTML5 CSS3 developer is a software engineer specialized in front end languages like HTML/CSS, jQuery, JavaScript and frameworks like VueJS, ReactJS, and Angular.

In fact, the position of HTML5 CSS3 developer requires both development and skills as well as a certain sensitivity to design: user experience is a real asset for this job. 

Through the speed of technological evolution (new technologies, new frameworks...); the skills required of HTML5 CSS3 developers can vary from one company to another. This does not facilitate the understanding of the job! But all the same he remains versatile and has a strong adaptability in his job.

What is the role of an HTML5 CSS3 Developer?

The HTML5 CSS3 Developer is a technical position. He must have a strong knowledge of the HTML5 CSS3 language. He/she formats the text on a page, includes images and static or dynamic elements as well as hyperlinks. Then, he or she modifies the visual side of the text, and implements the HTML elements. In addition, this professional also designs contextual animations and adds colors, gradients and shadows... In short, he is not a designer, but he is sensitive to design and graphics! He provides libraries of functionalities that are ready to use.



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