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Are you offering a job as a Drupal developer and want to find the best profile on the market to complete your teams?

The UNE® agency, as a specialist in the search for experienced candidates in web development, opens its list of profiles in fine alignment with your needs, both Swiss and European.

Expert in PHP and Open Source, the Drupal developer is specialized in the use of the Drupal CMS. This powerful content management system allowing the publication of robust websites with complex functionalities, requires an advanced expertise to master all aspects of it. The main mission of this specialist is to program showcase or e-commerce websites, social networks, online communities or web applications. He or she works within a technophile project team generally composed of back and front developers, a UX/UI designer, a project manager or even a product owner, supported by marketing experts. He/she participates in the design, development, server side and/or client side, testing and maintenance, all following the Agile method. He extends the Drupal core architecture by creating specific modules for the project he is working on. 

Coming from a computer science background, he must demonstrate curiosity, rigor and ingenuity. Comfortable with teamwork, autonomy and decision making do not frighten him for all that. Technically, he masters PHP MySQL and HTML at the tip of his fingernails. The Drupal developer is also a passionate and knows how to set up a technological watch in order to constantly evolve.

A Drupal developer with the right skills and experience doesn't have to be a street person. How to find him without making mistakes and without wasting time? Simply entrust your search for candidates to UNE® who will submit the most attractive profiles that match your search criteria. 

Why recruit a Drupal Developer?

Often placed under the responsibility of the Technical Director, the Drupal Developer performs several activities. He designs the techniques of the interfaces of websites (HTML5/CSS3), the creation of interfaces compatible with the Drupal CMS. It also derives from the permanent monitoring of technological developments to be a force of proposal. 

In addition, he works closely with a web project manager as well as the members of the technical and creative teams in order to meet a high level of requirements, in respect of the Drupal philosophy. Such a profile is essential for the development of the company in the IT field.

What is the profile of a Drupal Developer?

Several solutions are available to you to become a Drupal developer. To start, you can take a 2-year university degree. These studies will provide you with the important technical bases (especially in HTML/CSS, database management and PHP) for this job. After your first degree, you can complete your studies in University or Engineering School to acquire a bachelor's degree. If you are a web developer and you want to specialize, it is quite possible to continue further training or even to train yourself to become an expert.

Generally speaking, you must have an attraction for web technologies. 

What are the qualities of a Drupal Developer?

The development of the modules requires a certain amount of technical expertise. This Drupal developer must have an excellent mastery of the HTML5/CSS3 couple, as well as an advanced level in AJAX, jQuery, JS.

A very solid knowledge of the Drupal environment and of the good practices of theming is strongly required.

In addition, he must also have a perfect mastery of responsive design (breakpoints, resolutions, grids, touch, pixel ratio), as well as an ease with PHP (knowledge of Twig). The Drupal programmer must also know how to set up a watch on this technology, which is evolving very quickly. Being attached to the company's technical department, he must have a good sense of relationships and adaptability.

What is the role of a Drupal Developer?

The main tool of this specialized programmer? Drupal, an Open Source PHP-based content management system (CMS) option that allows him to program a wide variety of websites. The basic construction of this tool is completed through modules designed by the Drupal developer for the needs of the website he is working on. To create his own modules, he must use an API. The domain of predilection of the Drupal developer is rather broad: he can intervene on showcase sites, e-commerce sites, but also online communities and social networks. In short, the Drupal developer contributes to the design of highly technical websites and intervenes during the different stages of their realization.



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