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Your company wishes to recruit an Angular.JS developer in French-speaking Switzerland?

Thanks to UNE®, take advantage of a portfolio of serious candidates selected to have profiles in perfect adequacy with your research. Our expertise in the selection of IT developer profiles ensures that you will find the ideal Angular.JS front end developer to integrate your team and boost your projects.

A rare professional in the field of front-end web development, the Angular.JS developer combines advanced technical skills, experience, efficient methodology and undeniable human qualities. 

As a front-end developer, he masters Angular.JS, the Open Source JavaScript framework under the aegis of Google. The main role of the Angular developer is to create Single Page Applications (SPA) linked to a RESTful API. If CSS3 and HTML5 have no secret for him, he works in Agile methodology, and necessarily has a strong ability to work in a team with various profiles (back developer, front developer, integrator, tester, ... ) and to estimate its loads. In this multidisciplinary and technophile team, he is in charge of developing the front-office part of high-traffic applications in close relationship with a back developer or a full stack developer.

Endowed with a curious, passionate, perfectionist state of mind, he knows how to be reactive, show autonomy, is able to take initiatives and is capable of proposing the technical solution best suited to the problem encountered. His task is also to carry out unit tests and to report potential anomalies. If the Angular developer may have a computer science or engineering school background, he must constantly demonstrate a strong technological appetite and be attentive to new frameworks and technical environments in perpetual evolution. 

Finding the ideal candidate often proves to be a long-term challenge, especially when the dream profile is not on the streets. For your Angular.JS developer search, choosing UNE® as your partner gives you access to a rich pool of profiles, both Swiss and European, in order to find the rare pearl quickly and efficiently.

What is the Profile of an Angular.JS Developer?

Ideally, an Angular.JS developer has a degree in computer science. But to become an expert in the field, a master II from engineering schools is required. And in order to demonstrate his skills, he must always update his knowledge by following specific training courses such as databases, programming languages, and by acquiring professional certifications congruent with his profession.

In addition, the Angular.JS Developer must also demonstrate a good sense of relationships and listening skills with a strong taste for teamwork. To work as a Angular.JS Developer, it is advisable to speak both French and English. 

What is the role of an Angular.JS Developer?

The Angular.JS developer is a technical and operational position. He works particularly with CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript. The Angular.JS developer is considered as the front end of a website or application. In other words, it manages the interfaces that users can see through a web browser. That is, what is displayed on your phone or web browser. Its main role is therefore the creation of ergonomic interfaces so that users can use it quickly and easily. 

He will then bring his know-how and knowledge on the authentication of the communication between the interface and the front angular.JS application.

What are the qualities of an Angular.JS Developer?

In order to carry out its missions, an Angular.js developer must have a strong knowledge of Twitter Bootstrap. He must also know the principles of "responsive design" in order to create possible interfaces with different screen sizes. Interference with the social network API is also required. He must show precision and rigor in writing his code, as well as a certain creative spirit. An efficient methodology combined with a good technical level also plays in favor of this web professional. He must also be curious and interested in technological advances in his field in order to stay up to date on his technical skills. 

Why recruit an Angular.JS Developer?

With practice and experience, the Angular.JS developer can become full-stack dev if he masters other languages. Thus, if he has the experience, he can apply for a lead developer position. He can therefore manage and lead a team of developers, UX/UI designers, integrators, etc. In addition, he can also become a Tech Lead Front position for which he will only then take technical responsibility for the front end. Such a profile is indispensable and necessary for any company. He can work in a wide range of companies: large group, SME, Startup, SME, digital agency, software/web application publisher, etc.

The agency UNE will help you in the search for an Angular.JS developer for your company.



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