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Have you chosen to use the .Net platform in your company to design your applications? You want to hire a .NET Developer? UNE®, located in Geneva, is an employment agency in the digital and web field. It has been able to conquer a large panel of qualified .NET Developers. They are now putting their talents at your disposal, whether you are in Lausanne in the canton of Vaud or in the rest of French-speaking Switzerland.

To understand the primary mission of a .NET expert, you must first look at his main working tool: the ASP .NET platform. In the early 2000s, the computer giant Microsoft created a very specific programming language. This language immediately met with great success. It is still considered today as reliable, secure, economical and customizable.

As you will have understood, the role of the .NET developer is to design software and applications in .NET. To do this, this specialist is above all in tune with his client. He takes into account his needs by following a pre-established specification. Like any developer, he then codes the application, then tests it before delivering it to his client.

The .NET specialist has very advanced technical skills. He knows how to use programming languages such as C#. However, his specialty also requires a perfect mastery of :

  1. Javascript, CSS, HTML etc
  2. ASP.Net, the MVC structure for web development
  3. C#, WPF in application development

The knowledge of such a full-stack developer profile requires a basic computer training. An engineering school may also be possible. However, such studies are not enough. You must then be trained in .net development. This requires experience that is acquired over the years, but also the obtaining of specific certificates. Microsoft has also set up certifications. These really reflect the skills of this highly qualified expert.

The code created on the .Net platform is so special that you can't overlook a specific developer. UNE® works in collaboration with specialist profiles in this field. It is waiting for you to introduce them to you. So don't hesitate, come and discover them!

What is the profile of a .NET developer?

To be a net developer, a degree in computer science is required, for experts initial training is mandatory. Microsoft certifications are real assets.

 With a university education or a thorough study in an engineering school, you could become a net developer. These trainings can be refined by a specialization in C net which is accessible with an internship in a company or during the study.  

The basic principles of any non-common business system built using NET such as frameworks and libraries are critical to being a productive net developer.

What is the role of a .NET developer?

A net developer must be experienced in gathering all incomplete information as required by the client. The credibility and assurance that the project gives him/her is favoured by several sectors of activity such as finance and business management. To do so, he must analyze the client's requirements and constraints taking into account the specifications provided by the web project manager. He will then code the application, test it and submit it to the client like any other web developer. He also takes care of the technical support of the application.

What are the qualities of a .NET developer?

A net developer must have analytical skills. He must have a strong knowledge of tools, computer languages, web and databases. Given the evolution of technology, an expert must be capable of self-training in new techniques to ensure a fast work and to be in phase with the evolution of technology. 

He can be specialized in application development or in web development with a strong knowledge of JavaScript and databases to complete the whole.

The job requires both curiosity and a good sense of organization and he should be able to work independently without forgetting the mastery of the English language.

Why recruit a .NET developer?

In a fast-paced evolution of the Internet, the job of developer is a major asset in today's world, as is the job of design engineer and support or development technician.

 A developer is above all the king of the computer language and since it is the Internet that gave birth to him, his evolution depends on the evolution of the Internet. 

His versatility makes him unquestionable in the work he does, with the simplification of new applications for all supports and the evolution of the web.

In fact, a net developer has a vast technical knowledge, innovation and adaptability as well as creativity to move the company forward. 

If you are looking for a net developer, the agency UNE will be a great help in your search.



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