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Are you looking for an employee to help you manage your company? The Business Analyst is the key player in your success. He implements innovative strategies to guarantee you success in all your projects. UNE®, based in Geneva, puts you in touch with talented business analysts. Indeed, it has attracted a large panel of highly qualified Business Analyst specialists. They are ready to work with you, whether your company is located in Geneva, Lausanne or any other city in French-speaking Switzerland.

The Business Analyst works at the heart of the company's financial management. He aligns a company's information system with its strategic objectives. To do so, this consultant defines the optimal solution to solve a problem within the company. He then develops it from A to Z, in particular from your computer data. You will have thus understood it, it is an ally of choice in the business world. 

A true Swiss Army knife, this consultant is at your side and ensures missions of responsibility in the diagnostic observation from 

  1. your data and needs analysis
  2. the description and development of strategies to be put in place 
  3. the construction of comparative studies
  4. the realization of functional tests and their analysis
  5. the elaboration of project specifications
  6. the definition of the mode of follow-up of the actions
  7. the construction of working documents to be used
  8. project management and framing.  

To carry out his job, the business analyst has developed many skills in the fields of management and communication. Above all, he is, of course, an outstanding systems analyst. He knows the techniques for collecting information, but also those that improve processes. As a result, he perfectly targets and models the processes to be modified, whatever they may be. To do this, he has a keen sense of listening and is a master of written language. Finally, this collaborator is the privileged interlocutor between the different actors within the project. He or she is therefore the point of reference for an entire team.

A business analyst has often validated a 5-year university education. It can be a school of engineering, finance, computer science or business. Nevertheless, after a few years of experience in a data related profession or one of these fields, it is also possible to exercise this profession.

UNE® makes your life easier by introducing you online to the best business analysts on the market. We have in our catalog the quality profile you wish to recruit. So, do not hesitate, contact us without delay.

What is the profile of a Business Analyst?

When talking about Business Analyst, think immediately about success. Indeed, it guarantees success thanks to its unfailing strategies for the development and implementation of a project. In order to have the right profile for the job, he has first validated 5 years of higher education, notably at universities or colleges. This diploma is either in finance, or in computer science or business. Other than the higher education which is essential, there is also the validation that a few years of professional experience in the field of management and communication. These have taught him how to enter the world of work and adapt to it while mastering the techniques and materials that all Business Analyst must master in order to be impeccable in the execution of his profession. He is therefore an outstanding analyst.

What is the role of a Business Analyst?

The role of a Business Analyst is to align the information system of a company or a company with strategic objectives. Among the functions assigned to him, he defines the optimal solution to find solutions to the various problems of the company. Thanks to computer data, he has the capacity to develop this solution from A to Z in order to ensure the diagnostic missions. To do so, he analyses needs using the Data analyse software. Then, he describes and elaborates strategies in relation to his needs. Then he builds comparative studies in order to analyze and carry out functional tests. The elaboration of project specifications and the definition of the action follow-up mode are also part of his work. Finally, there is the construction of working documents to be used, the management and framework of the project. 

What are the qualities of a good Business Analyst?

Like any good worker, the Business Analyst has qualities that make him or her better. It is always said that he is an outstanding systems analyst and this is true because he knows all the techniques of information gathering. He has the ability to perfectly target and model any process and is therefore counted among the masters in process improvement. He has a keen sense of listening and the languages he speaks are no secret to him. He is a reference for his teams because he knows how to adapt to his work environment and knows how to work in a team. It is important to know that he works at the center of the financial department of the company where he works.

Why hire a Business Analyst?

A Business Analyst has many valuable qualities. These qualities allow any company to bounce back or to be seen and known, i.e. the company will regain its place in the market. It can also have a head start, we will say that hiring a Business Analyst makes the company gain points against its competitors. We know that the battle with them is getting harder and harder every day, and beating them never seems to be a pleasant task to do, besides it is not always easy to know there guaranteed the good development of a project without an expert for that. Only a Business Analyst knows how to manage his problems.



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